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Art Photographer

Hello, I started by creating assemblies of photos by software, which gives an image that I realized, a different appearance by duplicating the whole of this same photo. With this first collection "Butterfly", I transform what is real in a poetic way, with the first concern to lead to a graphic creation. Starting from mostly urban elements, I reinvent my environment by placing new perspectives where there is nothing but emptiness. I put the light in the foreground, because it keeps a link with what is visible. It creates movement, gives depth, makes the work alive. Do not we say that photographing is "painting with light".

I then became interested in artistic and stylistic trends such as Constructivism and Bauhaus. I discovered that experimental photography is intimately linked to the urban culture from which it emerged: diving, down-plunges, voluntary imbalances in the composition of the image, unusual shots, deformations and other findings. As early as the 1920s avant-garde artists Alexander Rodchenko, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Gyorgy Kepes and Herbert Bayer exploited the possibilities offered by photography. I also discovered brutalist architecture and Le-Corbusier's work at Firminy in the Loire.

Today I work to present my photos as possible objects of design. For that I created the collection "Vision". I want to surprise, I want to immerse the eyes of visitors in an urban universe, current and fairy. Futurism exalts the modern world, especially urban civilization, vehicles and speed. I use the technique of "mapping" to give volume to my creations. I am attached to a work telling a story because if it is first created for itself, most often its purpose is to create a dialogue with its author or with others.

I wish you a very good visit.

Stéphane Lange


Galerie Art-Showcase by Julie Jaler:

51 Avenue Dausmenil - 75012 Paris - January 23/2017-> January 28/2017

Lyon Confluence:

28 Quai Rambaud - 69002 Lyon - December 07/2017 -> January 08/2018

Euronews ArtCenter:

56 Quai Rambaud - 69002 Lyon - May 14/2018 -> July 13/2018



Phone: +33.(0)667.104.523

Lyon - France